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Zhang Zhun’s instinct told him that the gap between the two was not that big. Even if Wang Zheng was a little stronger, there was a limit. But how could this have happened? What had just occurred?


In this limited distance, regardless of the complexities of Dina Atlas Space Corridor, flaws were bound to be exposed. His movements were not Zhang Shans teleportation; there was a time lapse. As long as pressure was piled on him, flaws would appear.


Unimaginable, frantic power blasted from the two mecha. Gravel flew into the air. A very peculiar scene unfolded. The intense power field seemed to trap the gravel in a quagmire, slowly steaming and suspending and in the next instant, it turned into powder.


The essence was still between Wang Zheng and Jondi Lilick. These two Earth-rank 2 warriors had plenty of power to destroy everything, and would change the entire course of the event. In terms of the overall tactics, it was either Wang Zheng or Jondi Lilick determining their victory or defeat directly, or wipe out the opponent’s team members first. The outcome had to be either one. Battles between the aces of Earth-rank were not something that an average person could stepped into. However, if both opponents were of the same Earth-rank level, it would be a completely different scenario.


In the end, there was a flaw in the Saruman Snake battle team. Although Lie Xin held the title of top three experts in the team, in actual fact it was of no use as she is still unable to clinch the crucial victory. She could only help out, which was the only aspect where she was useful.


González threw a blade. Hands clasped; the Ghost Warrior raised his arms. His Ability X exploded instantly. He would lose hope in himself if this continued.

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The Hercules shovel was also making a buzzing sound from the stimulation of some unknown power. Wang Zheng knew that the materials used for this version of the Hercules had been enhanced. It was almost like a custom design. Ye Zisu had customised it for him. The normal titanium would not be to withstand the erosion of such powers.


Who said that the three sons of the Solar System only knew about internal strife and never knew how to work together? Saruman Snake had shown the Milky Way Alliance that that era had ended.


The Aslan Empire was vast, and each step had to be carefully considered. She had never killed anyone, but throughout the course of the empire’s development, there had been too many sacrifices to count. More accurately, every country was like that. Wang Zheng had made the childish choice. Before, she had thought Wang Zheng had his wits, but a pity that he could not pass this hurdle.


The VIP seats were filled to the brim and there were no empty seats in the whole arena. Lieutenant General Bolet was undoubtedly the most concerned. On one side, it was Manalasuo’s sole scion, and on the other end was a young man he admired.


Aina only stared at Kashawen stubbornly. Why wont you give him and me a chance?!


Lin Feng waved a hand for everyone to back off. Di Maria immediately knew what was up, and immediately retreated with no pretenses.


All the military schools gave the Saruman Snake battle team the highest praise possible. As rational military school researchers, there was no excessive personal worship. It was true that Wang Zhengs personal strength, charisma, and leadership skills were very strong. But due recognition had to be given to Saruman Snake as a team with dreams. The unrestrained Zhang Shan, the composed and rational Achilles, the passionate and motivated Lie Xin, the cool sniper Snow Li, and the brave, vibrant, and faithful Mu Zhen. Everyone had their characteristics. Perhaps their weaknesses were also obvious, but they had the same goal, and they had unbelievable trust and faith in their teammates. This was the key to why Saruman Snake could come this far.



The Hercules raised its shovel again. At this moment, Mars had already lost the strength to admit defeat, and even if he still had energy, he would not admit defeat, even if he had to die.



It involved data relating to muscle strength, heartbeat, blood pressures, spiritual fluctuations, and many more factors. Furthermore, at the training grounds, a team of more than a hundred personnel were at their service.


Kyle smiled. “It is not so. It’s not important if he’s twenty-something, or needs another five or six years. In terms of combat skills and Ability X, Wang Zheng is very well balanced. Of course, a few people in this SIG can achieve this too, and this is so pressuring us too. However, no one has as much spirit as Wang Zheng. If you watched the qualifier rounds, you would know. His ability to withstand stress is the strongest I have ever seen.”


Laurel’s analysis of the situation left Jasper and Gabre even more speechless. Although they did not quite understand, they were not idiots either.

  • In the monitoring room, Lin Hong had started clapping. This was for Wang Zheng, and not for Aslan. Lin Feng had conducted himself correctly. The mighty must act with the bearing and character of the mighty. Since they had lost, they must admit it. Admitting it was not giving up. Rather, it was living to fight another day. SIG had just begun, and there was no need to stake all their dignity and victory in the qualifiers. Especially under these circumstances, a win was also a lose.
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