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I feel that the Saruman Snake battle team will be able to win. Only winners are able to reach this stage. If they get rid of Aslan, they will be the greatest miracle in all military schools 50 years of history. Today, I am on the side of the Earthlings!


Ander Lucia frowned. He actually lost control of his suppression. His power did not originate from conventional spiritual connection. The strength from lightning in space seemed to be attracted by


Before the start of this match, the intensity of this battle had also been expected to be second only to the battle between the Saruman Snake and Golden Wheel battle teams. The degree of attention was naturally different. In addition to the recent turmoil, the sensitivity level was different too.


For the Dynasty battle team, the first to fight would be Luo Fei. The big screen showed Fatty Luos interview, which caused the whole arena to go crazy with excitement. The spectators gave the unorthodox Luo Fei enough passion.


Everyone was stunned. They obviously understood the importance of his words. Achilles was not one who would make a promise easily. If he did, he would definitely keep his promise.


Si Jiali felt her heart thumping hard. Captain Lilick, do you think that this is the result of Wang Zhengs well thought-out considerations?

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Knights of Light Arena roared with cheers. The camera panned towards Eve Litts elegant face, and she received even more applause. Even after having been invincible in the earlier battles and viewed as a threat by many, Luo Fei was totally helpless against her. This was how mighty Aslan was.


“That’s right. The most critical part is that a photo was sent back right before the fleet disappeared. They seemed to have discovered something extraordinary. I’m not very sure of the specifics, but you can think of possibilities,” Luo Er mentioned.


A good physique did not always mean that mecha operation was good. At the same time, good mecha operation did not mean that one’s physique was awesome. Although the two did share much in common.


The entire attack took place in a flash. Zhang Shan’s Wind God had already been knocked down. With the strong control, the Wind God of Hu Ya missed!


“Your Highness, this person’s combat ability is among the best of the best, and he will definitely a contender for first place,” said Mitchell candidly. Aslan evidently did not want Wang Zheng to be crowned champion.


However, Arbiters depth was second to none in the Milky Way Alliance. The more critical the moment, the more they could feel it. Wang Zhengs idea was a good one. Zhang Shan also had the courage to fight till the very end. However, reality was cruel. It would kill dreams.


However, it was difficult for the people who received the mission to collect time for their trackers. Things at the low levels were calmer. The people who were willing to trade time for physical items were getting fewer by the day. Quite a number of people had already accumulated about half a year in their trackers. They might as well not do anything and laze around in the Holy City.



Lin Huiyins little hands were clasped tightly together. Her elder sister had said that the first match was very important. Saruman Snakes only chance was the individual battles, where they still stood a fighting chance. Once they went into team battle, they would have practically no chance of winning. But did they even stand a chance in individual battles?



Zhang Shan had come a long way slowly. Thoughts of giving up had crossed his mind at least a hundred times. But each time, Wang Zheng was there with him. Even at times where everyone had looked down on him, Wang Zheng had always been there with him, trusting hm.


How to say this? As traditional Aslan royalty, although it was defiant, they could admire Wang Zheng’s guts. But… Wang Zheng had gone a little overboard. Although he was young, the education that they had received was on a completely different level from commoners.


Ouyang Chuanyun, on the other hand, was totally confident. He was not a fool from Arbiter. The Arbiters only knew how to be forceful. They did not know how to integrate flexibility into their toughness, so that toughness was easy to break.

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